Ancient Theory,

Modern Practice

To preserve and disseminate the traditional values, concepts and principles of Budo in the modern world.


Dating back to the days of Shioda Gozo Soke, the founder of Yoshinkan Aikido, Inoue Kyoichi Hanshi, one of his uchi deshi, as well as Thamby Rajah Sensei, also known as the father of Aikido in Malaysia, Aikido Shudokan International has a rich history in modern Budo. It now spans several generations and across multiple countries worldwide.

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Attend or Organise a Seminar with Us

Seminars and workshops are held regularly worldwide by senior ASI instructors. Attending one of these is definitely eye-opening and you will gain insights into Aikido that you can take back to your every day training. If there isn’t a seminar near you, you can organise to invite an instructor to conduct a seminar in your home city.

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Aikido Shudokan International is truly an international organisation with dojos located in Australia, Asia, Europe and North America.