Mark Hadiarja Kyoshi

Mark A. Hadiarja Kyoshi , who holds the rank of 5th Dan, is one of the students of Joe Thambu Shuseki Shihan (8th Dan Aikido) who has been given the opportunity to open the first Yoshinkan Aikido system dojo in Indonesia, with a direct recommendation from Joe Thambu Shuseki Shihan as the head instructor of Aikido Shudokan International and received the blessing directly from Kancho Kyoichi Inoue (10th Dan, Aikido; Grandmaster Yoshinkan Aikido 2001-2004).

The Dojo is called “Aikido Shudokan Indonesia” and untill today Aikido Shudokan Indonesia is the only dojo that uses the Yoshinkan system of Aikido in Indonesia that is set up in Bandung, Jakarta & Tangerang.

Mark A. Hadiarja Kyoshi first studied Aikido in Melbourne, Australia, under the direct auspices of Joe Thambu Shuseki Shihan while studying at Monash University, Melbourne, Australia.  In addition to Australia, Mark Kyoshi had the opportunity to attend training at the Hombu Dojo (Central Dojo) in Tokyo, Japan and still regularly visit Japan and Australia and attend other international workshops as participants and instructors.

In September 2005, he was honored to be able to follow the 50th Anniversary of the All Japan Yoshinkan Aikido Demonstration as the only participant from Indonesia and perform in front of more than 7000 people in Tokyo, Japan.

Mark A. Hadiarja Kyoshi got a chance to practice with qualified instructors and international standards, such as Joe Thambu Shuseki Shihan (8th Dan Aikido, Australia), Master Thamby Rajah (8th Dan Aikido and is the pioneer of Aikido and Judo in Malaysia), Takeno Sensei (8th Dan Yoshinkan Aikido), Chida Sensei (8th Dan Yoshinkan Aikido) and Kyoichi Inoue Kancho (10th Dan, Grandmaster of Yoshinkan Aikido).

In 2016, Mark A. Hadiardja Kyoshi had the opportunity to be graded for his last test to 5th Dan by the late Kyoichi Inoue Kancho. In addition to Aikido, Sensei Mark A. Hadiarja has practiced other martial arts, such as Arnis (Phillpino sticks and knife fighting), Chinese Kick Boxing, Brazilian Jujitsu, and Boxing.

Mark A. Hadiardja Kyoshi trained the JATANRAS, Polda Metro Jaya, Yonkav Tank IV, Bandung, Bravo Security Team, Nawakara Security Team, Kepolisian Dirajah Malaysia and many other organisations. With diverse experiences, Mark A. Hadiarja’s Sensei can share experiences in various types of martial arts programs, such as women’s self-defence, security and youth self-defence. Mark A. Hadiardja Kyoshi travels around Asia & Europe to teach Aikido.